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The Way it Should Be

  Our world is evolving at such a rapid rate, but there is hope yet for the resurrection of corporate morals and care. Dave Rastovich is one of the surf industries most passionate visionaries for this move, he explains the satisfaction of living and seeing the attitude shift to a life that is more gentle and trodden more lightly. As a North Coast local, Rasta feels encouraged each day by the changes the community are making for greater good. In this video he talks about the stories of people stepping up, defending the region. There's no doubt Rasta – one true and amazing waterman – loves where he lives among the trees in the hinterland. "For me, the magic of...

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Patagonia hosting 'Activist's Tool Kit' Workshop in Byron Bay 25th Feb, 2017

We are entering an age where social and environmental activism will play an ever more important role in securing people’s freedoms and in the protection of wild places.Patagonia Byron Bay are inviting you to come along to the 'Activist’s Tool Kit’ workshop at @byronbaysurffestival ; Dave Rastovich along with Australia's leading activists will discuss what being an activist today means, and share skills and tools needed to run successful campaigns. Every participant will receive a Patagonia “Tools for Grassroots’ Activist” book. Tickets available through 📷 @nathanoldfield

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Why we use Organic Macadamia Oil in our Australian Rainforest Body Scrub | Wildlife Conservation Co

The Macadamia Tree (Macadamia integriflora) is native to the sub-tropical rainforests of Australia. Their natural range is in north eastern NSW and south east Queensland. Macadamia nut oil is the richest botanical source of Palmitoleic acid. Palmitoleic acid is primarily a healing agent, a mono unsaturated fatty acid that is a highly effective anti oxidant. This fatty acid is believed to support cell regeneration in the skin. This same fatty acid is also found in the sebum of the skin, particularly in youth, but diminishes with the aging process. This gives Macadamia oil a natural affiliation with the skin. There is evidence that the skin looses Palmitoleic acid content and slows production as we age. Macadamia oil is particularly effective...

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Dolphins on the Great Barrier Reef | Wildlife Conservation Co.

We love this amazing photo of dolphins on the Great Barrier Reef.  It was taken last week from a helicopter doing surveys in the marine park over Tijou Reef, north of Lockhart River. This area is very remote, situated offshore from Cape York in the northern GBR. Many of these reefs and islands are rarely visited. It really highlights how beautiful the GBR is - a special place that needs to be treasured & protected.. Photo credit: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

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Who We Are | The Wildlife Conservation Co.

We are a happy family of 3. Myself (Kelsey), my amazing husband Brett, and our beautiful daughter Claire. We live on the east coast of Australia - a beautiful part of the World with endless places to explore. Our inspiration comes from the simple forms and beauty found in nature, the ocean and our experiences with wildlife that have left a permanent mark on our souls. You see, we have spent many years working with Endangered Species in some of the most remote and pristine parts of Australia. We have seen and experienced nature at it's rawest and most beautiful. And it has left us more inspired & increasingly passionate about protecting these places. Fundamentally, we like to think that...

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