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Organic Chocolate Easter Bilbies

Support Bilby Conservation This Easter. Learn More →

Support Bilby Conservation this Easter!

Our 2021 Organic Easter Bilby Chocolate will soon be available! Head to to find out more

Organic Easter Chocolate Bilbies

Our handmade, Organic Bilby Chocolate is not just delicious & good for you, but also helps bilby conservation efforts across Australia.

The Bilby is one of Australia’s most amazing marsupials. Once occurring across a large part of the country, they are now only found in a few small isolated pockets where conservation efforts are necessary to protect this beautiful and iconic animal.

We give 10% of net profits to organisations which are implementing on-ground projects critical to the Bilby’s survival. This includes the Save the Bilby Fund & the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Head to the Bilby Conservation website at:

Chocolate easter bilbies organic

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