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Our Love for Sea Turtles!

We have spent the last couple of decades working with sea turtles in northern Australia, but still get the same excitement when spending time with them in the wild. They are beautiful creatures with individual personalities, & have the most epic life cycle that make them truly fascinating! 💕✌🏻️😀(Kelsey & Brett)

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Sea Turtles on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia have finished nesting and are now migrating back to feeding grounds | Wildlife Conservation Co.

It's nearing the end of the summer nesting season for green turtles in Australia. Along the Great Barrier Reef beaches & islands, most females have laid their last clutches and are migrating back to their feeding grounds, some over 3000kms away (they won't nest for another 5-7 years!). Many of the eggs are hatching & hatchlings are emerging from the sand to start their epic life journey of travelling ocean currents around the World for 10-15 years, before settling on a home reef (often thousands of km away), & then 30 years later travelling back to her home beach to nest! Amazing! Truly fascinating ancient mariners! 💕✌🏻️💙🌏 PC: @caitensphoto

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The Way it Should Be

  Our world is evolving at such a rapid rate, but there is hope yet for the resurrection of corporate morals and care. Dave Rastovich is one of the surf industries most passionate visionaries for this move, he explains the satisfaction of living and seeing the attitude shift to a life that is more gentle and trodden more lightly. As a North Coast local, Rasta feels encouraged each day by the changes the community are making for greater good. In this video he talks about the stories of people stepping up, defending the region. There's no doubt Rasta – one true and amazing waterman – loves where he lives among the trees in the hinterland. "For me, the magic of...

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