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As a business, we are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. We strive to operate as a carbon neutral business. We are not officially certified yet, but we are on the right track. How?

  • We use 100% compostable/biodegradable packaging.
  • Solar power is used for operations.
  • Any organic waste is composted.
  • We use carbon neutral paper supplies and carbon neutral printing services.
  • Our vehicle emissions are offset through Carbon Neutral’s plant-a-tree program.
  • We perform an annual audit and offset any excess CO2 from our business practices through the Carbon Neutral offset scheme.


Why Bother?

Fundamentally, we like to think that our kids and our kids’ kids can experience nature as we have. One small business obviously cannot control climate change, nor rid the ocean of plastic waste. However, we can at least do our best to not add to the problem.

Doing all the above actions is a choice we have – and it’s an obvious choice for us. We don’t see it as ‘being green’… it’s really about being smart. Being sensible. If there’s a better (less harmful) way of doing something and it’s within our means, then why the hell not do it? We think this should really be the norm.

But we are by no means perfect. It is certainly an ongoing process for us and we’ll keep looking for ways to improve.