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We Donate 10% of Profits to Help Endangered Species

With each purchase, you are helping to protect Endangered Species. The Wildlife Conservation Co donates 10% of net profits to support species conservation, habitat preservation and wildlife research in Australia, with a focus on Endangered Species.

The Wildlife Conservation Co was founded on the principal that business can contribute a lot for our planet. Our passion is wildlife & the natural World. We have worked in endangered species conservation for many years & understand the difficulty that grass roots projects have in obtaining funding. We want to help in changing the way business is done by developing a sustainable way of contributing to important projects that help endangered species. By directly tying wildlife conservation to the sale of every product, we are able to provide important resources to on-ground projects without a single donation.
As consumers we all have a choice. By choosing products that are sustainable and do good, we can drive a new wave of consumerism that contributes positively to a future where our planet & wildlife benefit.
When you buy a Wildlife Conservation Co product you become an agent for conservation. You’re supporting a business & using a product that says you care about the future of our wildlife & our planet.