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Our Story

The Wildlife Conservation Co was borne out of our love for the ocean, wildlife, healthy living & a passion to protect the wild places that have inspired us. Fundamentally, we like to think that our kids, and their kids, can experience nature as we have. Nature has given us so much, and we feel it's only natural to give back.

We believe business plays an important role in conservation. Each day, for all of us, our purchasing decisions are what will decide the future of this planet. We want to provide an alternative and give consumers choice. By choosing products that are sustainable and do good, we can drive a new wave of consumerism that contributes positively to a future where our planet & wildlife benefit. We call it Consumer Powered Conservation.

We have spent many years working with Endangered Species in some of the most remote and pristine parts of Australia. We have seen and experienced nature at it's rawest and most beautiful. And it has left us more inspired & increasingly passionate about protecting these places.

One small business obviously cannot control climate change, nor rid the ocean of plastic waste. However, we can at least do our best to not add to the problem. We want to change how business is done and give a choice to consumers to choose an honest company that is doing good for the planet.

This is an obvious choice for us. We don’t see it as ‘being green’… it’s really about being smart. Being sensible. If there’s a better (less harmful) way of doing something and it’s within our means, then why the hell not do it? We think this should really be the norm.

We hope you can join us on our journey and help in protecting the beautiful planet that we live on.

Kelsey & Brett